Infectious Diseases Question 59

A 46-year-old man is evaluated for fever, dysuria, and urinary frequency of 1 day's duration. He also notes a sensation of deep pelvic pain near the rectum. He has no urethral discharge or testicular pain. He states that he felt well before the current illness and has no other symptoms. Medical history is unremarkable. He is not sexually active. He takes no medications.

On physical examination, temperature is 38.8 °C (101.8 °F), blood pressure is 130/80 mm Hg, pulse rate is 100/min, and respiration rate is 16/min. Rectal examination reveals a tender and tense prostate.

Blood and urine cultures are pending. Urine dipstick is positive for leukocyte esterase and nitrites.

Which of the following is the most appropriate treatment?

A  Ampicillin

B  Ceftriaxone (single dose) and doxycycline

C  Ciprofloxacin

D  Meropenem

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